Karen's Beach

Hi, my name's Karen.

I live in Rosebud Village, where my parents run a vineyard; It's a family business that's been passed down from my grandmother.

My birthday is Winter 29th; I like the beach, dancing, wine, dogs, and most berries. Don't talk to me too much, I don't like people acting like they know me when they don't.

When I'm not at the beach, or the vineyard, you can often find me in the forest, or working at the local bar.

(( OOC : This is an RP account for Karen from Harvest Moon, and is part of http://hmmasterlist.tumblr.com/ .
My person/sketch journal is http://santracity.tumblr.com .

Oh, and the name is Ally. <3 ))
After wandering aimlessly for an hour, Karen quickly came to realize she’d gone the wrong way. This wasn’t the town Raguna and Mist were from at all. Which meant, she had no idea where she was, but she wouldn’t be visiting any friends today. Sighing, she stepped into the school building - hoping someone would be there with a map or something. “Hello? Anyone home?”

Barrett sat in the side room library, feet propped up on the return cart and his nose buried in a book. He wasn’t entirely sure what book this was, it had information on some age old music-oriented celebrity with perfect teeth, but he wasn’t really paying much attention to the substance of the book. He primarily had the book open to appear busy- quite a few people had bothered him today already, and a book was a pretty good excuse for ignoring any other prodding passerbys.

The silence was nice for a while, but he found himself staring at the same word for long amounts of time. To prevent himself from falling asleep, Barrett stood and pushed the cart around, putting books back in their places. 

He sighed audibly in response to the voice coming from the entrance. “Yes, go left.”


It was hard not to feel relieved when she heard a response. Wandering around in this heat was bad enough without worrying that she might not find a map anywhere.  This was a school, surely it would have a map, right? Didn’t all schools have libraries and information? 

Following his directions, the brunette came upon the library and she paused for a moment, glancing around curiously, before she stepped inside. It took her a moment, but once she spotted Barrett, she strode towards him and let out a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry to bother you.. I’m kind of lost… Do you happen to have maps around here anywhere?”